Helping Brattleboro And Surrounding Areas Recover For Medical Negligence Incidents

All of us hold medical professionals to a heightened standard. When we visit a physician or are admitted to the hospital we all expect to receive the utmost care and treatment.

However, this doesn’t always happen. Doctors, nurses and hospital personnel make mistakes — sometimes inexcusable ones that result in unnecessary injury or even death.

At Costello, Valente & Gentry, P.C., we have helped individuals and families recover compensation for medical negligence incidents for over 35 years. We have assisted with a wide range of incidents many involving:

Misdiagnosis/Delayed Diagnosis

In some cases, a doctor may carelessly fail to detect or diagnose a condition or disease that, if detected in time, would’ve prevented serious injury or even death to a patient.

Surgical Errors

In other instances, a physician or member of the surgical staff assisting with an operation may cause harm to a patient. Unnecessary harm to properly functioning body parts, surgical tools left inside a patient’s body and a failure to monitor or provide requisite treatment post-operation are all instances of surgical negligence that can occur.

Birth Injuries

Negligent injury can also happen during child birth. An OB-GYN or staff member may fail to respond to fetal distress or use inappropriate instruments during the delivery that lead to injury or death to either the unborn fetus or mother.

Medication Errors

In some instances, injury or death can occur as a result of a medication error. A patient may be prescribed the wrong medicine or dosage or a nurse or staff member may administer the incorrect quantity of the drug.

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