The law firm of Costello, Valente & Gentry, P.C., represents individuals located in and around Brattleboro, Vermont, and New Hampshire with many different legal matters.

For over 30 years, it has assisted individuals looking for help with civil litigation, criminal defense, real estate, family law matters and long-term care planning. We also represent business owners of both large and small firms in all business areas with entity formation and company contracts.

Extensive Experience

The attorneys are honored to offer extensive experience to help those in the community. They possess more than 70 years of combined experience spanning many different areas of law. All have a unique understanding of the laws, courtroom procedures and negotiation techniques that come from years of practice.


Costello, Valente & Gentry, P.C., also takes pride in remaining accessible to its clients. Unlike many practitioners who are often difficult to reach during critical times, the lawyers are always a phone call or email away. They know how important it is for their clients to get answers to critical questions pertaining to their case.

If you are looking for legal representation in Vermont, New Hampshire or Massachusetts, contact the firm to find out how it can help: 802-257-5533.

Our Attorneys