Business Law

Representing Brattleboro, Vermont, Large And Small Businesses For More Than 35 Years

Operating a business can be an extremely rewarding endeavor. However, business owners often say a successful company requires a lot of work with a lot of moving parts.

If you are looking to create a business, you’ll need to determine the right business entity. If you have established your business, you’ll need help with industry-specific contracts or even assistance resolving a business dispute.

At Costello, Valente & Gentry, P.C., we can help. For over 35 years we have provided guidance on commercial law matters to businesses of all sizes located throughout Brattleboro, Vermont and Keene, New Hampshire.

Entity Formation

If you are looking to form a business, we can talk with you about business formation, the various business entities available and which option will best accomplish your specific business needs and goals. Our lawyers also assist with organizational contracts that go in tandem with setting up an entity such as bylaws, articles of incorporation, partnership or shareholder agreements.


We also assist with daily business transactions. We can help draft vendor or service contracts, agreements that pertain to business trade secrets or intellectual property, or create nondisclosure agreements specific to your circumstances.


We can also help resolve any disputes that arise regarding your business. Whether an impasse occurs involving business owners or outside third parties, or one that involves an employment-related matter, we have the litigation experience to help resolve your issue through one of many dispute resolution methods.

Contact Our Business Law Attorneys For Help

If you are looking for ongoing support or need advice on a specific business transaction, we offer our services to you. Set up an appointment by calling 802-257-5533 or send us an email.

Our business attorneys also have significant experience handling issues that arise from family-owned businesses including succession, transfer and estate planning.